The Mersey Gateway Project

Both the new Mersey Gateway Bridge and the existing Silver Jubilee Bridge will be tolled when the new bridge opens in 2017. It will cost the same to cross either bridge.

The easiest and most cost-effective way to pay the toll or, if you qualify, to get your local resident discount pass, will be to register in advance. More details will be released in 2017.

Eligible Halton residents will be able to travel free* across both bridges once they have registered. There will be a £10 annual registration fee per resident.

Clarification of why tolls are needed

There will be no toll booths – both bridges will use an ‘free-flow tolling system’ where smart technology is used to keep traffic flowing along the route, capture vehicle details and ensure that all bridge users pay.

The standard toll charge to cross either bridge will be £2 for a one-way trip in a car or a small van.

There will be monthly pass and registration options for regular users.

Military, emergency service vehicles, local buses and motorcycles will not have to pay to cross the bridges.

Find out more about the different discount packages or how tolls will apply to you by selecting the option from the list below which best describes you.

The table below shows how much it will cost to cross the two bridges for different classes of vehicles.

Type of vehicle

Class 1

Motorcycles, buses

Class 2

Cars and small vans (under 3.5 tonnes)


Class 3

Goods vehicles over 3.5 tonnes but less than 12 tonnes

Passenger-carrying vehicles with 9 or more seats weighing less than 5 tonnes

Class 4

Goods vehicles over 12 tonnes

Passenger-carrying vehicles with 9 or more seats weighing more than 5 tonnes


Discount on the standard toll


Standard toll (ie with no discount)






“Pay by
plate” unregistered users pay this toll.







For those
users who register, but do not want a sticker







Discount for
sticker and registration

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