The Mersey Gateway Project

The Time Bank is a way for the Merseylink partnership to offer real commitment and give practical help and support to local organisations, community projects, educational establishments and the local authority.

As the Mersey Gateway Project takes shape up to 2017 and beyond, the Time Bank offers an innovative way of matching the skills of our team with local needs to provide long-lasting benefits to community life in Halton.

Some of the organisations which have benefited from the £100,000 of support given by the Time Bank to date

How it works

The Merseylink Time Bank offers a framework of activities supported by a commitment of time and resources from Merseylink and its supply chain.

The Merseylink Time Bank uses ‘deposits’ of time from our experienced team and our suppliers – time which can then be used to give real practical support to organisations and individuals who need it.

Each of our partner organisations and major suppliers offer at least a day a year (or resources to an equivalent value) as their ‘deposit’.

A minimum of 100 days per year are committed through the Time Bank to offer support in the distinct areas of strategic assistance. Assistance can take the form of strategic development, corporate restructuring or financial and commercial advice. Construction and engineering understanding would be on offer as well as environmental or human resource support. Individuals from the partnership have also expressed an interest in offering more personal commitments such as mentoring, coaching, fundraising or presentation skills aimed at young people or the unemployed.

We work with Halton Borough Council and Halton & St. Helens Voluntary and Community Action to ensure that those ‘deposits’ are matched appropriately and used effectively to secure clear and measurable community benefits.

The Merseylink Time Bank is overseen and managed by the Merseylink Employment and Skills Co-ordinator, who reports to the Employment Skills Governance Board on a quarterly basis and ensure that the ‘deposits’ of time and/or resources into the Time Bank are targeted at the needs of the local authority, local organisations, community projects and educational establishments.

Since launching the Merseylink Time Bank scheme and the regeneration fund in May 2014, the construction joint venture and its supply chain have provided over £100,000 worth of support to community projects in Halton.

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