The Mersey Gateway Project

We are governed by a locally appointed Board of Trustees who provide expert guidance, drive the long term vision and protect our reputation and values. Our Trustees ensure the correct procedures and policies are in place to manage the Trust’s resources effectively.

Day to day operations are the responsibility of the Environment and Biodiversity Officer of the Mersey Gateway Crossings Board, undertaking developmental and company secretary duties. On completion of the Mersey Gateway Bridge, the Trust will appoint a Chief Executive.

Board of Trustees

The Trust’s directors team consists of:

  • 2 elected councillors from Halton Borough Council and Warrington Council
  • 2 elected councillors from Parish Councils in Halton and Warrington (currently there is one Parish council vacancy).
  • 2 local residents

The Trustees are:

  • Councillor Keith Morley – Represents Broadheath ward, Widnes.
  • Yousuf Shaikh – Chair of Walton Parish Council, Warrington.
  • Councillor Geoff Settle – Parish councillor representing Poulton North ward. Is a Mersey Forest Warrington Steering Group Member and acts as Chair of Warrington Nature Conservation Forum.
  • Professor David Norman – Local resident, Honorary Vice President of Cheshire Wildlife Trust and author of ‘Birds of Cheshire’
  • Liz Newton – Local resident who, in her working capacity is Director of Landscape and Geodiversity at Natural England.

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