The Mersey Gateway Project

The Central Expressway in this area will be reconstructed and the existing junction layouts improved. This will provide a free-flowing approach to the new Mersey Gateway bridge when it opens in Autumn 2017.

As part of this work, a new footbridge will be built at Lodge Lane. All other existing footbridges and a busway bridge will be refurbished to give better access for local residents to cross the Central Expressway.

The new footbridge at Lodge Lane will be built and opened before the old one is removed, so you will still be able to cross the road safely and conveniently. Access across the footbridges will be maintained at all times or an alternative route provided.

What’s happening at Halton Brow to Halton Lea?

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The information provided in this map and the phased elements is an overview of planned work and therefore subject to change. Minor works such as offpeak lane closures may not be marked on the maps. The team may have to put in place overnight road closures or diversions at short notice due to emergency situations, and these may not be marked on the map, but it is our aim to keep these maps as up to date as possible.

If you have any comments or suggestions on how we could improve the information provided by Down Your Street, please email us at or phone the project information line on 0333 200 1164.