The Mersey Gateway Project

What is this consultation about?

This consultation is about Halton Borough Council’s (the Council) proposals to update The Mersey Gateway Bridge and the A533 (Silver Jubilee Bridge) Roads User Charging Scheme Order 2017 (the 2017 RUCSO) by revoking it and replacing it with a new order. This is so the Council can  address observations received since the Mersey Gateway Bridge opened to traffic on 14 October 2017 and to clarify matters surrounding the toll charging regime that some feel are not clear.

The new order will be called the A533 Mersey Gateway Bridge and the A557 (Silver Jubilee Bridge) Road User Charging Scheme Order (the proposed RUCSO).

This consultation document explains why the Council is:

  • Seeking to revoke and replace The Mersey Gateway Bridge and the A533 (Silver Jubilee Bridge) Roads User Charging Scheme Order 2017;
  • proposing additional groups to be capable of registering for exemption of toll charges for use of the Mersey Gateway and Silver Jubilee Bridges (the Bridges);
  • proposing changes to the current Halton Local User Discount (LUDS) Economic Hardship Scheme;
  • proposing a toll classification change for Motor Homes vehicles.

What is your role in this consultation?

This consultation is seeking views from the general public in the locality and further afield and bridge users, as well as other public bodies and representatives, organisations and businesses.

The Council is seeking your views on:

  • the changes that will be made to the 2017 RUCSO;
  • the inclusion of additional groups to be capable of registration for exemption from toll charges;
  • the amendments to the Halton Local User Discount (LUDS) Economic Hardship Scheme (to be known henceforward as the Halton Local User Discount Support Scheme – HLUDSS);
  • the inclusion of a special circumstance for Halton residents who have a disability but do not have or do not qualify for a Blue Badge to register a vehicle for unlimited free crossings.

What matters fall outside the scope of this consultation?

Please note that this consultation does not seek opinions on the principle of tolling/charging for use of the Bridges. The case for tolling/charging of the Bridges was established following a public inquiry held for the Mersey Gateway Project in 2009.

In addition, certain issues contained within the proposed RUCSO are unchanged from the 2017 RUCSO, which it will replace. These are the:

  • which are actually applied to each class of vehicle;
  • administration fee levels for toll charge discount options;
  • the non-inclusion of Council Tax G & H properties within the Halton Local User Discount Scheme.

Duration of this consultation

The consultation period will run for a period of 3 weeks from 8 March to 29 March 2018.

How to respond to this consultation

This document contains a questionnaire.

Consultation Document – 2018

Please review the document in full and

  • complete the questionnaire online here or;
  • complete the questionnaire section of the document and return via email to  (please note, the document must be downloaded, saved, and then completed. Not doing this could result in sender submitting a blank questionnaire).

Alternatively, hard copy responses should be returned to:

Halton Borough Council, Municipal Building,

c/o Mersey Gateway Crossings Board/Consultation.

If you require alternative formats i.e. braille, audio CD then please contact Mersey Gateway Crossings Board on 0151 511 6157.