The Mersey Gateway Project

How the Silver Jubilee Bridge could look in the future

When the Mersey Gateway Bridge opens, the Silver Jubilee Bridge will become tolled, but it will be free for public transport, blue badge holders, cyclists and pedestrians.

For drivers, it will cost the same to cross as the new Mersey Gateway Bridge.

Keeping the Silver Jubilee Bridge toll free would result in severe road congestion caused by drivers avoiding the tolls on the new bridge.

The proposal to toll both bridges would mean that around 80% of traffic will use the new bridge and the Silver Jubilee Bridge can be redesigned to deal with local traffic, cyclists, pedestrians and those using public transport.

This is likely to include:

  • dedicated space for pedestrians and cyclists
  • improved public transport between the town centres of Runcorn and Widnes.

Major improvements are being carried out to existing roads in Halton to direct traffic travelling from outside or through the borough, away from the Silver Jubilee Bridge on to the new bridge. This process is known as ‘delinking’ the bridge.

When the new bridge opens it is planned to close the Silver Jubilee Bridge for 12-18 months to undertake essential maintenance work that is being postponed to avoid traffic disruption.

The Silver Jubilee Bridge will remain open to cyclists and pedestrians at dedicated times throughout this closure. For more information, please visit Halton Borough Council.

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